I'm sure by now that all of you have seen the wacky (but totally awesome) new video on the Videos page: Cheese Quest. Well if you liked that I'm sure you'll love the game. That's right, CheeseQuest: The Brother Lady Saga is coming to Pau'ls Game Corner! We should have here on about the 2nd week of May. So put your Brain Warping hats on because this is gonna be one twisted game!

Cheese Quest: Coming May 9

Nerb's Diary 04/14/2008

You are all probably wondering about Nerb's Diary so I will tell you something on how I got the idea. Well, Issue #13 was about Nerb's diary with the exact same name Nerb's Diary. Ever since we made this site I was always wondering how our fans would like semi-weekly entries (semi-weekly means twice a week) about Nerb's "interesting" life, so here we are. Nerb says hi and he said that he'll defiantly be able to start posting diary entries by the 1st week of May.