Are you psyched or what? The Crazy Comix Summer Events (CCSE) is starting one week from today! This will be a great opportunity to get free comics. It will last from July 4 – August 8. Every week there will be a challenge and the person with the best score will win a prize(s). But to have maximum fun we will have to use the Honesty Code, (that means you Paul!). Okay then since we understand each other, we’ll see you at the events guys!

P.S: I forgot to tell you, the person with highest score will be crowned the Champion of the Crazy Comix Summer Events and get a awesome suprise gift!

Just Hangin' 06/05/2008

Since I'm on the internet i thought I would make a new blog post. We want to make you aware that Paul's Art Gallery will be out around June 23rd. But forget that the Comix bros will be hosting the Crazy Comix Summer Events! These events will include blogs almost everyday, new wackier videos, comics, awesome art, greater games, and summer-only website pages! Stay tooned, you will defintely not want to miss this. The events will start July 4th.