This week's challenge will be the Draw-Off! You will have to draw a comic based off this criteria: 

Storyline: __/20

Drawing: __/15




This challenge will end next Friday at Noon.


School may be out but its time for a report! This challenge will be about finding a comic you like and writing a report about why you like it who are the main characters, what's the setting, the time and place, and stuff like that. The Comic can be one from the newspaper, a comicbook, or a comic you write yourself. The more effort and description you have the more points you will get. The Max amount will be 25 points plus you get 5 points for just trying. Comment and write your report here or e-mail it to me at


Go To the Crazy Comix Summer Events page and then e-mail at and write the test or comment here and write down the awnsers. Each question you get right is 3 points the bonus question is 5. Good Luck!