Wow that's a long blog title.  So anyway, I guess I'll start with the "Guitar Learning" part.  I guess that it's pretty self-explanatory, but in case you're really stupid, I'm teaching myself how to play the guitar.  Yeah, pretty sweet huh?  Next thing, no one has sent in a new parody idea yet, so get your butts moving.  If you don't get at least one idea in by the 3rd then we'll just put a poll up on the site and you can vote on my chocies.  Lastly, I've been lazy because as I was finsihing up a Nerb's Diary post, my computer crashed and I didn't feel like starting over.  And that's pretty much it.  Now tell me some parody ideas in the comment section or something!


Yeah I know, I haven't posted a blog in a really long time, but I've been busy (lazy).  I can't believe that Tanner actually posted a blog!  Yeah, and when I'm done Paul is going to post a Nerb's Dairy post.  So, my fantasy football team that I told you about before is doing good.  5-4 oh yeah!  The Lions are 0-8 because they SUCK!   As many of you already know, the Pokemon Parodies that I do are over.  So comment please saying what kind of parody you would most want you to do next.  I only do parodies (because I am incapable of coming up with my own ideas :P).

Yeah, and that's pretty much it.  Talk to you guys later and don't forget to comment.