Yes, it is finally time!  Football Sunday is back and it's back with flare!  Unfortunately, our Detroit Lions have lost the Season Opener to the Atlanta Flacons, but I don't expect much from them anyway.  But my fantasy football team is off to a great start!  Here's my lineup:

QB: Tony Romo DAL

RB: Frank Gore SF

RB: Willie Parker PIT

WR: Reggie Wayne IND

WR: Roddy White ATL

WR/TE: Tony Gonzalez KC

K: Robby Gould CHI

DEF/ST: San Diego Chargers

So let me know what you think of my team and let me know if there is anyone you think I should trade for.  So see you later!




Fri, 19 Sep 2008 19:00:32

Yep, the Lions officialy suck. The Packers are even a worse team since Farve is gone and Rodgers is 1st string. The only time the Lions were actually really good is when they had Barry Sanders. But sadly, that Golden Age is gone. :(


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