What's Up? 07/30/2008

Hey, just hangin' around so I thought I'd write something anyway, chatroom is coming soon, Paul is somehow, someway losing the CCSE to Nerb, and I'm bored out of my skull.  Yep gonnna be another great day! 

Hey 07/26/2008

Hey guys!  Just got back from the all-star game for my baseball league.  Addison was there too.  We lost 9-8.  But it was a horrible call at the end.  And the draw-off game was totally my idea, go me!  Anyway were almost ready with the chatroom and uh yeah that's pretty much it!

See ya around!

Brainstorm! 07/06/2008

I just had an amazing idea and you guys can vote yes or no on whether or not to do it.  I was looking at the comments on Tanner and Addison's blogs and I thought that since that it's basically a chatroom, it would be awesome to make one!  You can just talk kinda like on e-mails but you don't need an account!  So yeah just vote here and let me no if you think we should do it.



Well, Efe and I have no idea what Addison is talking about for "Random Battles" Or the what not to do thingy.  So just ignore it I guess



Yeah, it's 11:56 and I'm checking my e-mail.  And all I got is this crap from Efe saying "Make a blog post about "Paul's Art Gallery".  So I e-mailed him back saying "Whatever Efe." So here it is.  The reason it took so long for it to get up on the site is because Paul doesn't have a scanner and neither do I.  So I gave the pictures to Efe 'cuz he does and he waited until now to finally put them up.  Even Paul says, You can't make people wait forever for you to put stuff up.  I know your life isn't that busy!  So yeah anyway just make sure you keep coming to our site 'cuz... I dunno I guess 'cuz not many people do anyway.

Hey 06/22/2008

Hey guys. Once I'm done typing this Paul's gonna give Nerb a piece of his mind and tell the world about certain thing. So anyway, I think Addison is a moron 'cuz he said we were closing which we're not, and he didn't even ask what any of us thought about it. Yeah, I don't think he should be able to do that. Yeah, and thanks to our first customer Raj!


Yeah, Paul decided he'd rather have an art gallery to show you his kickin' doodles.  His drawings are pretty sweet so we're getting rid of Paul's Game Corner and replacing it with Hat Man's Game Corner.  Paul's Art Gallery will be up by May 3rd.

Stay tuned peeps.

Nerb is a dork 04/23/2008

Hey peoples!  Nerb is a dork.  Yeah, you probably already knew that but anyway it's true.  Paul is talented, he's awesome at being funny.Nerb is talented too, but it's at being a dork.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Paul Rules! 04/17/2008

Don't tell Nerb but Paul has decided he wants to sneak into the Nerb's Diary page and scribble embarrassing stuff like how Nerb crapped his pants last Friday.  Hysterical!  So now that me and Paul have come to the rescue, the Nerb's Diary page won't completely suck right?

Jason 04/03/2008

Hey!  This is vice president of Comix Bros Jason!  I'm the writer of comics about just your average kid named Paul which is the highest selling comics in Comix Bros.  This is because Paul is hysterical, and has mad game show skills.