There will be 3 contests each year. 1 in every season excpet for summer because we have the CCSE.

There is no contest being held currently. Come back in January.

Spooky Comic Idea

Do you think you can tell some pretty good scary stories? Well this contest is perfect for you! Come up with a scary comic idea and send it to us! The spookiest will win the contest and we will actually make a comic, using that idea. We ask that you not to be inappropriate. Follow that simple rule and you will have tons of fun.

Deadline: October 25th, 2008

Go to the "Contact Us" page to see the e-mail adress u should send your idea to.

That's all for now!

   --- The ComixBros 


The Winner is Marcus H. from Florida. Now here is the comic based on the story he wrote, called: The Mysterious Dog. Enjoy!


Have any Ideas for the Winter Contest?