Lazyness? 11/26/2008

Hi. Yep, I'm probably the most lazy person on Earth not as much as my friend Tanner though, (seeing that I haven't made a blog in about 2 months) but I've been busy (not really). With school and comics and pretty much an average life of a pre-teen I haven't been able to get around editing this site that much. Rest assured, I'll probably (no guarantee) make a blog in maybe in a week (or not). It all depends on my mood. So ya sorry for keeping you waiting. Well that's it, bye. 


Hey guys. The only reason I'm typing this blog is becuase I'm super bored an have nothing to do. Comment this blog and give me tips of what things you do when your bored. Thanks! Well anyway the ComixBros t-shirts are not available and we hope that we can make the t-shirts by Mid-2009. Well thats all for now. Cya L8er! 

Back to School! 08/27/2008

I hate to say it but its that time of year again. Its the "Back to School" Time. It's that time of year when that you just have a dreaded fear of the thing called "The 1st day of School", but you just have to suck it up and get it over with. So get psyhced about school and make the best of the year! (But the only reason I'm doing in this is that i just went to a  Ice Cream Social Orientation thing, so i'm in the mood of talking about school). Ya, so on September 2nd (that's our 1st day of school) just jump out of bed and and be happy to go back to school! Well thats all for now! Cya L8er!

Winner is: Paul! 08/10/2008

Yes, Yes the winner of CCSE is Paul with 223 points and Nerb with 169. Well see you at the CCSE 2009 Games. But if you are still hungry for some action watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics which will be on various times on MSNBC (Channel 4 for most cable) all week long. See Ya, and go team USA!


This challenge well test your creativity, simpleness, and your imagination skills. You will have to draw at least 1 doodle (max is 10). For those who don't know what a doodle is read this definition:  

A doodle is a type of sketch, an unfocused drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. They are simple drawings which can have a meaning, a shape or just irregular forms.

The doodles you draw will be based on this criteria:

Imagination __/5

Creativity __/2

Simpleness __/3 

A perfect score for 1 doodle is 10. For 10 doodles it will be 100. So get in the game, this is the perfect chance for all of you guys to get lots of points! Happy Doodling!

P.S: This is the last event! All entries due by August 9th. The Closing CCSE Web Ceremony on the 10th.


This week's challenge will be the Draw-Off! You will have to draw a comic based off this criteria: 

Storyline: __/20

Drawing: __/15




This challenge will end next Friday at Noon.


School may be out but its time for a report! This challenge will be about finding a comic you like and writing a report about why you like it who are the main characters, what's the setting, the time and place, and stuff like that. The Comic can be one from the newspaper, a comicbook, or a comic you write yourself. The more effort and description you have the more points you will get. The Max amount will be 25 points plus you get 5 points for just trying. Comment and write your report here or e-mail it to me at


Go To the Crazy Comix Summer Events page and then e-mail at and write the test or comment here and write down the awnsers. Each question you get right is 3 points the bonus question is 5. Good Luck!


Are you psyched or what? The Crazy Comix Summer Events (CCSE) is starting one week from today! This will be a great opportunity to get free comics. It will last from July 4 – August 8. Every week there will be a challenge and the person with the best score will win a prize(s). But to have maximum fun we will have to use the Honesty Code, (that means you Paul!). Okay then since we understand each other, we’ll see you at the events guys!

P.S: I forgot to tell you, the person with highest score will be crowned the Champion of the Crazy Comix Summer Events and get a awesome suprise gift!

Just Hangin' 06/05/2008

Since I'm on the internet i thought I would make a new blog post. We want to make you aware that Paul's Art Gallery will be out around June 23rd. But forget that the Comix bros will be hosting the Crazy Comix Summer Events! These events will include blogs almost everyday, new wackier videos, comics, awesome art, greater games, and summer-only website pages! Stay tooned, you will defintely not want to miss this. The events will start July 4th.