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Month of May: Battle Pong

This month's game is Battle Pong. As you might of noticed, I enjoy Ping Pong, but instead of that doppy old ping pong game we used to have on the website, we have Battle Pong. This game has many features like multiplayer, difficulty modes and power-ups. This game is a new generation of "Pong"

Month of June: CheeseQuest
This game is just plain awesome! Get ready to jump over potatoes, ride horses and sharks, and battle space aliens! So put your Brain Warping hats on because this is gonna be one twisted game!  

Month of July: Smashing
This month's game is gonna be a blast! Smash through tons of bricks to advance to the next level. Smash power blocks to gain abilities like throwing fireballs . Well why are you still reading this? Play Smashing!         

Jason says:  I just played Smashing for the first time and went straight to level 26!  All you have to do is type in "bricks" in the password box!  Oh yeah!  Cheat city!      

Efe says: Pu..lees! I have a cheat code to level 44! Type in totebo.

Month of August: Gold Miner
Get ready for some fun because in this month's game you'll be digging for gold (but not for the stuff that's in your nose). So get out your crane and start mining for treasure and keep an eye out for mystery bags, you don't want all the good stuff to be taken!

Month of September: Cleft the Boy Wonder
This month's game packs a punch! In Cleft the Boy Wonder, you can play as 4 different Clefts, including the Super-Powerful Mystery Cleft! (But be aware, sometimes accuracy is better than power). Break through thingamajigs before you get off-screen or you'll lose a life! Well that's all for now!

Month of October: Acid Factory
Oh No! All of Harry's co-workers have been zombified! In this Halloween-Themed game you have to escape the horrors of the acid-flooded factory. Pick up the gun and blast your opponents away! Be careful not to step in the acid to! Hope you enjoy!

Month of November: Invasion of the Lava King
Help out SpongeBob by defeating the Evil Lava King that is turning Bikini Bottom into a wasteland! Fight through over 5 levels while having Maximum fun! That's all for this month! 

Month of December: Deep Freeze 
Freeze your enemies with your water gun and stop the bad guys from ruining Christmas.

Month of January: Frost Bite
Climb while fending off yetis and collect items! 

Note: We are having technical difficulties with this game. We didn't steal it from Nitrome. The website we got it from stole it. For now here is an alternate link: we can't find a embed code we will put up a new game for this month . Thank you, bye

Month of February: Pac-Man 
Good ol' Pac-man. I think everyone should now how to play so yeah.........