Ordering and Buying Comics

Do you like comics? We hope so because the Comix Bros want you to buy comics from them! Just e-mail ocean63@yahoo.com to place an order and we'll ship a comic to your address. All you have to do is ship the amount of money asked! We promise that this a safe site and if you have any concerns, just e-mail us!  Your comics should arrive in 1 to 5 weeks, (depending on where you live).


 - The Comix Bros.

P.S. The comics are completely handmade and are stick figures. We hope that you'll still buy them.


Coming Soon: Comixbros Clothing

Our ComixBros Clothing should be realesed next year at the earliest.

Hats: $5.00

T-Shirts: $10.00 

This idea is still in process so there will be no promises that we will actually start making the hats and t-shirts. Until then this project still has a red light. Although designs of the t-shirts have already been made. Here are some designs recently digitally made.


(The favorite design will become the 1st ComixBro t-shirt or hoody!)