Yeah, I don't know if anyone even noticed, but mine and Efe's blogs were like totally gone.  I guess they're back now, so I decided to make a blog post since I couldn't at all during January.  So...

Only a total baseball freak (me) would actually use their free time to shovel an area in their backyard so they could practice baseball.  Yeah, it's definitely early FEBRUARY! 

So, I guess I really don't have that much to say besides that no one goes on the chat room anymore.  Yeah, that sucks.  I kinda liked it, but we don't really do much on this site anymore.  So, I guess that's it.  Later! 

Snow Day! 12/19/2008

Yay!  It's a snow day!  Oh yeah!  Winter Break started early!  WHEEEEEEE!

So, anyway, I made a secret page.  If you find the secret link, then you'll find a clue.  Then, you have to find the second link.  So, check that out.  Yay!  And, yeah.  So, I can't wait for Christmas.  Let me know what you want for Christmas in the comments section.  I want...

1. A snowboard. (been on my list for 4 years now I think.)

2. Spore Creature Creator for PC

3. The Longshots DVD

4. No idea what else.

So, I'll see you guys later! 


I was just about done with this blog post, when my dang computer crashed.  MAN I hate this thing.  Well, anyway, I've done a lot of website editing today.  First I added a blog post and some other stuff to my other site (  Then, I did the Nerb's Diary post.  (Which thankfully didn't go away when my computer crashed.)  Now, I'm doing this blog post.  Now I just have to edit Wikipedia.  I can see it now.

Search: Facts about Africa


Lol, just kidding.  I'm not actually going to edit Wikipedia.  Althought I do think those things... 


Wow that's a long blog title.  So anyway, I guess I'll start with the "Guitar Learning" part.  I guess that it's pretty self-explanatory, but in case you're really stupid, I'm teaching myself how to play the guitar.  Yeah, pretty sweet huh?  Next thing, no one has sent in a new parody idea yet, so get your butts moving.  If you don't get at least one idea in by the 3rd then we'll just put a poll up on the site and you can vote on my chocies.  Lastly, I've been lazy because as I was finsihing up a Nerb's Diary post, my computer crashed and I didn't feel like starting over.  And that's pretty much it.  Now tell me some parody ideas in the comment section or something!


Yeah I know, I haven't posted a blog in a really long time, but I've been busy (lazy).  I can't believe that Tanner actually posted a blog!  Yeah, and when I'm done Paul is going to post a Nerb's Dairy post.  So, my fantasy football team that I told you about before is doing good.  5-4 oh yeah!  The Lions are 0-8 because they SUCK!   As many of you already know, the Pokemon Parodies that I do are over.  So comment please saying what kind of parody you would most want you to do next.  I only do parodies (because I am incapable of coming up with my own ideas :P).

Yeah, and that's pretty much it.  Talk to you guys later and don't forget to comment.

Hey 09/20/2008

Yeah, it's Saturday and I've got absolutely nothing to do.  So I personally voted NOT to get a financial advisor but I guess it happened anyway.  I know Mike but he doesn't seem like very much of a financial wizard to me.  So yeah hey and stuff just thought I should probably edit the site finally.  And I emailed Tanner so I might get to see if he's just lazy or if he is really busy down there in Ohio.  So yeah I'll get back to you about that and Tanner might make a new blog soon.



Yes, it is finally time!  Football Sunday is back and it's back with flare!  Unfortunately, our Detroit Lions have lost the Season Opener to the Atlanta Flacons, but I don't expect much from them anyway.  But my fantasy football team is off to a great start!  Here's my lineup:

QB: Tony Romo DAL

RB: Frank Gore SF

RB: Willie Parker PIT

WR: Reggie Wayne IND

WR: Roddy White ATL

WR/TE: Tony Gonzalez KC

K: Robby Gould CHI

DEF/ST: San Diego Chargers

So let me know what you think of my team and let me know if there is anyone you think I should trade for.  So see you later!


I'm starting to notice that now I'm edting the site ven more than Efe.  He hasn't added a blog post since the 10th and I've added 2 blogs and a Nerb's Diary post.  Whatver, at least he's not like Addison or Tanner who by the way need to edit this site like right now!  So yeah, anyway maybe it's just because baseball seson is over and I've got nothing better to do.  Haha, yeah.  Anyway if you're reading this and it's still August 19th go on at about 1:00 P.M. okay?  I'll be on then.

Too bad. 08/17/2008

It's too bad that Nerb's diary was erased, but that's okay, Paul just added a new post.  It's his first one with a picture so check it out!


You got it, we have won the CCSE, and if anyone wants to have their own team next year, just tell me the team name, the team members, and why you think you should be the expansion team for next year.

See ya in the chatroom!