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Article By: Efe  *duh!* (9/8/08)

 ComixBros Inc. Has decided to make a Monthly Newsletter. Some have already gotten this Newsletter which is about ComixBros T-Shirts and Hats. Next month though, will have more articles. Even though we will be e-mailing C.M.N, we will still keep this page for those who find going on this page more convient, plus the people who do not have e-mails. Though those who have C.M.N subcriptions will get Comixbros News 1-3 weeks faster. If you wish to subscribe to C.M.N, please fill out the Subscriber Form at the bottom of this page. That's all for now and this is Efe, signing off.

New Fall Style

Article By: Efe (9/1/08)

To celebrate Fall, The ComixBros have decided to have a new layout style. The bar on the top of each page is now green and the Wavy Scroller on the Home Page is now a mixture of orange and yellow. We will also have new contest and events coming up soon. Well that's all for now. This is Efe signing off. Have a Happy Labor Day! 

New! ComixBros YouTube Videos!

Article By: Efe (8/27/08)

Yes! It's true! ComixBros Inc. Have started their own Animated Short Films on YouTube called "ComixBros Productions". Just go to to watch the videos and for the updates and info on ComixBros Productions! Well thats all for now and this is Efe signing off. 

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