Mike: ComixBros Inc. Financial Advsior

Yep, so the polls are closed and we've made a decision. We are getting a Financial Advisor. His name is Mike and does have some experience with comics. See the reason why we named this page "Srezwow Guy" is because that's Mike's catch phrase. If you didn't notice, Srezwow is Wowzers spelled backwards.  Also, his best comeback is "Your Face" which actually offended some girls in Efe and Mike's Art Class, *HINT*HINT*. So that's it for now. Peace Out. 

The Meaning of the Word: Srezwow

Meaning: A word that explains anything that defies human logic.

Srezwow! Comics - Coming in January 2009!

That's right! Mike is going to make a series of comics call Srezwow! Comics.  They will debut around early January and we will post them right on this page. Mike officialy confirmed this 12/2/08 in Math Class. Stay tuned for updates!



Srezwow Songs

Here are some songs Mike constantly listens to.