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So ya, we started uploading videos on YouTube in Late August 2008.  Go to If you have any feedback e-mail us at

Pokemon Parody 4

Info: Ash faces off against his arch rival, Gary

The Stickman Show: Episode 2

Topic(s): Is it possible to solve a Rubik's Cube?

Commercial: Squirle-B-Gone

Special Segment: Pranked


Paul the Genius on......... School

Info: Paul talks about getting back to school

Note: This was made in August, before school started


Pokemon Parody 3

Info: Ash has his first Pokemon Battle


The Stickman Show: Episode 1

 Topics: How do they get jelly into doughnuts & Why chain letters are stupid.

Commercial: Arm Extention in a Can


Random Crap with Stickfigures

Info: The name says it all....


Pokemon Parody 2

Info: Ash ventures into Viridan Forest


Pokemon Parody 1

Info: Ash starts off on his Pokemon Journey