Nerb is a dork 04/23/2008

Hey peoples!  Nerb is a dork.  Yeah, you probably already knew that but anyway it's true.  Paul is talented, he's awesome at being funny.Nerb is talented too, but it's at being a dork.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Paul Rules! 04/17/2008

Don't tell Nerb but Paul has decided he wants to sneak into the Nerb's Diary page and scribble embarrassing stuff like how Nerb crapped his pants last Friday.  Hysterical!  So now that me and Paul have come to the rescue, the Nerb's Diary page won't completely suck right?

Jason 04/03/2008

Hey!  This is vice president of Comix Bros Jason!  I'm the writer of comics about just your average kid named Paul which is the highest selling comics in Comix Bros.  This is because Paul is hysterical, and has mad game show skills.