Well, Efe and I have no idea what Addison is talking about for "Random Battles" Or the what not to do thingy.  So just ignore it I guess



Yeah, it's 11:56 and I'm checking my e-mail.  And all I got is this crap from Efe saying "Make a blog post about "Paul's Art Gallery".  So I e-mailed him back saying "Whatever Efe." So here it is.  The reason it took so long for it to get up on the site is because Paul doesn't have a scanner and neither do I.  So I gave the pictures to Efe 'cuz he does and he waited until now to finally put them up.  Even Paul says, You can't make people wait forever for you to put stuff up.  I know your life isn't that busy!  So yeah anyway just make sure you keep coming to our site 'cuz... I dunno I guess 'cuz not many people do anyway.

Hey 06/22/2008

Hey guys. Once I'm done typing this Paul's gonna give Nerb a piece of his mind and tell the world about certain thing. So anyway, I think Addison is a moron 'cuz he said we were closing which we're not, and he didn't even ask what any of us thought about it. Yeah, I don't think he should be able to do that. Yeah, and thanks to our first customer Raj!