What's Up? 07/30/2008

Hey, just hangin' around so I thought I'd write something anyway, chatroom is coming soon, Paul is somehow, someway losing the CCSE to Nerb, and I'm bored out of my skull.  Yep gonnna be another great day! 

Hey 07/26/2008

Hey guys!  Just got back from the all-star game for my baseball league.  Addison was there too.  We lost 9-8.  But it was a horrible call at the end.  And the draw-off game was totally my idea, go me!  Anyway were almost ready with the chatroom and uh yeah that's pretty much it!

See ya around!

Brainstorm! 07/06/2008

I just had an amazing idea and you guys can vote yes or no on whether or not to do it.  I was looking at the comments on Tanner and Addison's blogs and I thought that since that it's basically a chatroom, it would be awesome to make one!  You can just talk kinda like on e-mails but you don't need an account!  So yeah just vote here and let me no if you think we should do it.