I'm starting to notice that now I'm edting the site ven more than Efe.  He hasn't added a blog post since the 10th and I've added 2 blogs and a Nerb's Diary post.  Whatver, at least he's not like Addison or Tanner who by the way need to edit this site like right now!  So yeah, anyway maybe it's just because baseball seson is over and I've got nothing better to do.  Haha, yeah.  Anyway if you're reading this and it's still August 19th go on at about 1:00 P.M. okay?  I'll be on then.

Too bad. 08/17/2008

It's too bad that Nerb's diary was erased, but that's okay, Paul just added a new post.  It's his first one with a picture so check it out!


You got it, we have won the CCSE, and if anyone wants to have their own team next year, just tell me the team name, the team members, and why you think you should be the expansion team for next year.

See ya in the chatroom!